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Save yourself from Facebook – A Chrome extension to hide your feed

I do not use Facebook much and I check my news feed very seldom. Giving up completely on my Facebook account is difficult, because a lot of friends and connections use Facebook (and often only Facebook!) to send messages, share photos and even to send out event invites.Here is my struggle: every time I would open Facebook to reply… Read more »

Paste as plain text: Shift+Option+Cmd+V. You’re welcome.

Some golden shortcuts: Paste as plain text without formatting: Shift + Option + Cmd + V (Ctrl + Shift + V on Windows) Kill the rest of the paragraph Ctrl+K …To paste that part back: Ctrl+Y Close all application windows (alternatively, option-click the close button): Cmd+Option+W Redo: Shift+Cmd+Z Silent volume change (no clicking sound): Shift+Volume… Read more »