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Predictions for the Kinfolk Winter Issue

I had written this as an e-mail to my girlfriend Kait. Time and again, we noticed that our conversation would be right in sync with each new issue of the Kinfolk magazine. I wanted to put it to the test and write up my predictions for the next issue.

How an Advertisment is Made

They know what people want to see. When you can’t quite reach it, nothing sweeter than the fruit up on the tree.Some folks are gullible and some need work, but all they need is a little poke. Give them something they can’t resist, in spite of all dislike, distaste, disgust that may persist.When they’re in, they… Read more »

Life is about those high moments

After a walk in the congenial company of my brother, I’ve digested the culmination of the past few weeks’ thinking and decided that this would be an excellent time to write a first post. It seems like sex, art and travel more or less summarizes what our age group really strived for ever since the 1960’s…. Read more »