How an Advertisment is Made


They know what people want to see. When you can’t quite reach it, nothing sweeter than the fruit up on the tree.

Some folks are gullible and some need work, but all they need is a little poke. Give them something they can’t resist, in spite of all dislike, distaste, disgust that may persist.

When they’re in, they may want out. Good, “this way for the way out”.

And here you’ll see them slipping up. Hold out your hand, “I’ll prop you up”.

To seal it off, you close the loop. When round you go about the tree, “here, follow these steps ahead of thee”.

And now, the guiding hand removed itself from around the loop. The message made its way and done its feat. You are convinced with no retreat.

Don’t follow them, follow your heart. Don’t let them take you around the tree.

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