Paste as plain text: Shift+Option+Cmd+V. You’re welcome.

Some golden shortcuts:

  • Paste as plain text without formatting: Shift + Option + Cmd + V (Ctrl + Shift + V on Windows)
  • Kill the rest of the paragraph Ctrl+K
  • …To paste that part back: Ctrl+Y
  • Close all application windows (alternatively, option-click the close button): Cmd+Option+W
  • Redo: Shift+Cmd+Z
  • Silent volume change (no clicking sound): Shift+Volume Key
  • Precise volume change (quarter-step): Shift+Alt+Volume Key
  • Hide window: Cmd+H, you can also hit ‘H’ when you’re in Cmd+Tab switching

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  • Sandy

    Did you just.. ?

    • brovalex

      I never tried it on Windowz actually, does it work well?